Limitless Dreams !

Limitless Dreams !

“Hopes ,charms and dreams are the profound building blocks of treacherous massacre “

We sail in a boat with virtual raft. Neither we understand nor the so called substantial “common sense” gives any damn signal.

Born with intelligence that got turned off within seconds. Soon we started the ultimate urge for tech, money and fame. Honestly is now a shit word,innocence is next to nuisance.

War is power, emotions are worthless leeches trying to engulf poisonous thoughts. Alas, it is also an exhausted word. So where we are heading into ?

Each nano second a dream blossoms, in no time burnt and those glittering ashes never reach their unknown destiny. Heavy duty terms and phrases are well accepted here, simple intellect is ditched. Though it has its own beauty in shaping falling dew on a slippery leaf.

From where to start is a quest ,how to act is a mess and what to do is a joke. On an average to figure out modern hollow lattice one has to jumble truth, play with emotions, kill trust and last but obviously  not the least murder heuristics.

This is how we are heading into an unprecedented realm of darkness. Where ray is there spark is missing, ideas are there legitimacy is doomed.

Sayantika Banik

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