It’s time to ascend your style quotient with your abode

It’s time to ascend your style quotient with your abode
Shahrukh got the entire house painted in milk white. Stone and mosaic work can be seen throughout the buildingSource:

Remember the movie Om Shanti Om? Of course you do! Do you also remember how they portrayed that “Om Kapoor” was the badass son of some big shot in Bollywood? They showed his house! What was the hottest piece of gossip about Ranbir-Katrina before they came out with their wedding ideas? That they have supposedly moved in together in a new flat. See a similarity in all these examples? Bollywood stars have always used their residential addresses as a status-symbol. Right from the time when Superstar Rajesh Khanna built his famous and beautiful “Aashirwaad” that stood in the uber posh Carter Road, overlooking the sea , residential addresses have been just as post as their collection of designer labels and imported cars.

Jalsa, Mannat, Galaxy Apartments, – anyone who has been to Mumbai, and a LOT of people who have not visited Mumbai know of these places. Everyday hundreds of people gather in front of these buildings just to get a glimpse of the stars that reside in. These buildings have become tourist spots in their own right.

What is it with these stars and their preferred residential address? Whenever a Bollywood actor crosses an important milestone of their life, they buy/renovate their houses. Alia Bhatt has now become all grown up- so she would buy a new house. Deepika Padukone is basking in the glory of her shining career- she buys a 16 crore house at Prabhadevi. Apparently, houses are not merely a place to stay in-these posh residential addresses have their own personality.

Amitabh’s Jalsa interirors – Source

Houses, like accessories have always been an extension of who we are. While Badshash Shah Rukh Khan’s palatial 6 storey high Mannat at Bandra Bandstand is actually a heritage building, Shehensha Amitabh’s Jalsa is known for its lush green lawns. Salman, on the other hand , prefers to stay in the Galaxy Apartments with his family. Maybe it is his way of “being human” and simple.

Can you imagine Badshah King Khan walking out of a small apartment in a not-so-posh area? What if Mr Perfectionist’s house is not really- “perfect”? Would you be able to digest these ? The thing is these residential addresses are not the abode of these stars just because these are good localities- each of these residential addresses have their own personality. And our beloved stars can relate with these personalities of these houses.
Since anything Bollywood does soon becomes a trend, this getting a house at a place which would match your personality and not just the requirements is soon becoming a norm. Residential addresses like designer labels are soon becoming something to proudly flaunt. After all, in this “jo dikhta hai, voh bikhta hai world”, you have to show off in order to be seen.

So, anyone up for a trip to Mannat?

Tanima Samaddar

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