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O Kadhal Kanmani

Who can resist a good love story, and this one wins you over with its simple charm, immensely likeable characters, and the intrinsic humour in the writing. The real magic of this film lies in the performances of its two main leads Dulquer and Nitya.

When masters fail, their comeback takes people by shock. Yes, that’s what Mani Ratnam has done with his recent release ‘O Kadhal Kanmani’.

The story set in Mumbai, it never fails to stop those Goosebumps right throughout you. With the lead characters Adithya Varadharajan (Dulquer Salman) and Tara(Nithya Menon) exhibiting startling chemistry which turns out to be the icing on the cake for the audiences.With Mani Ratam setting the story in Mumbai, P C Sreeram had the herculean task of showing the captivating Mumbai. He indeed has done a commendable job exceptional Camera work and his trade mark slow frames in the songs.

Coming to the Music of the film. The Oscar winner, in fact the National Award winning composer A R Rahman is just magical

He has this unique art of making people fall in love with movies just for his music. With songs right throughout the film, its indeed alluring for the audience to watch such exceptional display of art. Coming to the people who transferred ideas to screen, Dulquer Salman plays a game developer and had developed a phobia towards marriage. This modern mindset of Living together with Tara who plays the female protagonist is beautifully exhibited by the 58 year old ace director.
Nithya Menon plays an aspiring Architect who plans to visit Paris to pursue her higher education but is awestruck my Adi. They slowly start meeting and they later find out that they have a beautiful relationship at stake.Prakash Raj plays the Landlord of both Adi and Tara. Initially he is shown as a strict old man who takes care of his wife Bhavani who is an Alzheimer’s patient. But as time progresses, he eventually agrees for the live in relationship of both the protagonists.
Leela Samson plays Bhavani, wife of Prakashraj. She is a affected by Alzheimer’s which causes loss of memory is the show stealer. With not many on screen appearance she tries to play this powerful character so effortlessly.The plot of the movie is very well scripted that never is there a moment where the audience would doze off. Mani Ratnam post the Kadal debacle has re-discovered the pulse of the youth. He has given a clear cut image of why the youth has developed a resistance to marriage and commitment. O kadhal Kanmani will answer you on that.

Truly A Mani Ratnam Film

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