How to deal with a breakup?

How to deal with a breakup?

Facing a breakup may be one of the toughest moments in life, but dealing a breakup is even tougher. It may be a divorce or a separation or a complete breakup, but it involves the rupturing of the heart. Memories begin flowing, tears being shed 24×7, eating a lot or not eating at all may be some of the few things you witness when a person deals with a breakup.

The only solution to this is to just move-on, which is not exactly an easy task. A reason for a breakup may be many, so that can also lead to the intensity of the breakup. However, in certain scenarios, it could be really deadly when the person is completely shattered. A couple, at times are forced to break-up just because neither of them are happy or maybe just one of them. So if you are not happy with the person you are committed, go for the move right away rather than breaking-up after a long time, because that could be even more hurtful. This is because the more the relationship goes on, the more the other person falls for you but realize the unhappiness in you.

But if you both are unhappy about it, open up and talk about it, and decide for the best. Because whatever happens, it is for the best. Now the question is how do you cope up with your life once again after a painful separation? The main ingredient is to realize that you are supposed to achieve the target of forgetting that particular person and move on. For this, you need to boost up your confidence level as well as your optimism.

Secondly, hang out the most with your best friend and keep talking out your feelings. (If one of your friends are dealing with such a break-up, be patient to hear them out because that is the least they could do at this particular stage.) Try to hate the person by remembering how they hurt you, and this is to be done only if you feel like going behind the person once again (if it is wasteful and not worth it). The third best remedy is travel!


Travel like it’s the last day of your life, but go for it with somebody close to you and somebody who makes you the most happiest. Let it be friends, a sibling, parents or even a secret crush of yours who is a friend. Because travel helps you in meeting more people, breathing in more air, and makes you feel there is more to life. (If you are again just a friend who wants to help someone dealing with this, take him/her out, even if it out of their will.) Because that trip could change their view.

Make it a trip where you even forget yourself and make you forget why you are there in the first place. Now some may resort to drinking, drugs etc. which could be harmful. Drinking in a minimal amount is totally fine, as in just to get a kick. Spending time in night clubs and all are just personal preferences while some people even release their frustration through dancing, which shows that some people actually have tricks upon their sleeves to deal with one hell of a separation.

Now around this stage you may feel lighter, so now is the time once again to start focusing on your career or studies. After all, this is the major benefit of a breakup, you tend to be strong emotionally. At this time, you start challenging yourself and nothing is able to stop you. This is because the more you challenge yourself, the more you feel you are defeating the other person who broke your heart. This is a good sign so don’t let go of it. Apart from this, always indulge in positive atmospheres and try to laugh out more by watching a lot of comedy and by being with your friends.

But the most important of all is to never hold your feelings back, because if you feel anger or sadness, show it right on that person’s face! But if the person is worth a chase, don’t let go of him/her. As time passes you will figure that out, because even if that person was not meant for you, the one for you is always out there, so just wait time to do it’s magic to show that ray of light in your life.

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