8 things heartbreaks can teach you

8 things heartbreaks can teach you

We have all had our share of heartbreaks. Our very own stories of unrequited love .
Here are a few things a heartbreak can teach you :

1. Welcome to the adulthood. A heartbreak hurts most definitely but it also reminds you that you have grown up as a person now that you are able to feel something so deep.


2. Self love is Vital : When you love someone else you are so engrossed in caring about them that you tend to forget about loving yourself. Now is the time to get your basics right .Love yourself first.


3. Family and friends are important. A heartbreak can make you re-assess the importance of friends and family. They will always be there even when you get left by your supposed ‘The One’


4. Never let your career get ruined for a person. This one is especially for girls for whom career takes a back seat when they get involved in a serious relation. Never let your career be sacrificed for anyone after all your career won’t wake up one day and tell you it doesn’t love you anymore.


5. Health is as important as any other thing. This happens with most people once they get settled in a relationship they tend to ignore their health . Then it is only after a break up that they are thrown out of their zone of complaceny and they start looking after themselves again. Remember health is wealth . Take good care of it at all times.


6. It is okay to let your guard down sometimes. It is okay to feel vulnerable. It is okay to cry sometimes because this is the only way you grow and strengthen.


7. Just because you are nice doesn’t mean the world is too. You loved hard but got cheated , You cared too much and you were taken for granted , You loved someone but they did not love you back . Even when you are nice to people they can be mean to you , at the end it depends on how you deal with it and move on.


8. That heartbreaks are not all that bad if you learn your lessons well. They help you evolve and understand life better. They make you revalue certain aspects and people and at the end leave you with memories , stories and lessons to be remembered for a lifetime.


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