Truth – What if its just a lie?

Truth – What if its just a lie?

In Search of Truth

My eyes looked at the world their way
They told me it’s good
They told me it’s evil
And then they told me it’s all a lie

I trusted their direction
What if they were wrong?
I followed the common instinct
Never risked to create my own view

Too scared to find a new path
I traveled the road with no ado
No risk no pain I ran unhurt
But then the tables turned

I opened my eyes and the crutches were gone
I now had to walk all alone
The thorns and the stones on my way
Warned me of my directionless adventure

But an angry bull that I was
I dared to question their judgement of the world
After all the pains and growls
I saw the sun on the other side

I tried to make sense of the unheard
And found my vision too small to engulf it all
The truth was a lie!
I cried to support the unheard

They called me a mad rebel
Born an Angel, labelled a Pariah
An evil witch out there to destroy the God’s world
In the prison world where I live now

I question their teachings of good and evil, truth and lie
Is their evil my good?
Is their lie my truth?
Lost in the confusion of what’s what

I make a list of questions I want clarification on
I bid adieu to this cosmos
And start my journey to meet their God
Looking for the true truth…

Not knowing if I will ever meet Him
I leave a note for the visionaries here
Open your eyes and look beyond
The world unfolds at the point you stop

Don’t wear the same old shoes they put you in
Question the stereotype
Infect yourself with the virus of knowledge
Know what’s good for you, define what’s evil
Set yourself free and form your own truth!


Bhoomika Gupta

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