• Olympics and India

    Olympics and India0

    The most awaited and controversial events of the world history Olympics is back , this time in Rio de Janeiro starting 5th August. This event has much opportunity to offer more than just sequential timing of sports each day. It has the vibe and power of bringing hearts and pulse to the every stage in

  • The science behind Penalty Kicks!

    The science behind Penalty Kicks!0

    One kick and only the keeper to be. One of the biggest pressure moments a footballer will ever face and it should be the easiest job in the world. So just why taking a penalty so stressful? Be it a world cup final or a league game, penalty kicks have been the deciding moment many

  • PFA Awards 2016!

    PFA Awards 2016!0

    PFA Awards: The night when football professionals, sports VIP’s, football industry and media gather to pay tribute to the players that have been chosen as the PFA’s player of the year. The 43rd awards were held in Grosvenor Hotel in London on Sunday (24th April 2016) Men’s PFA Player’s Player of the Year: Riyad Mahrez 34

  • The Science of Sports!

    The Science of Sports!0

    Sports! A field where results are everything, where fitness is the primary requirement, where emotions take a roller coaster ride every time. Years have passed, and every passing year slowly and steadily the field of sports is becoming larger and larger and technologically more advanced. We often think an athletes’ win is because of his

  • Rise of Indian Cricket!

    Rise of Indian Cricket!0

    It is the month of April and only one thing can possibly come to every Indian’s mind! Yes! I am talking about the Indian Premier league of Cricket, the T20 season of India. VIVO IPL 2016 has started and it has started with a bang, making it certain that this will definitely be a cracker season

  • 2016, the year of WEST INDIES!

    2016, the year of WEST INDIES!0

    19 runs required of the last over, 6 wickets gone, a young new batsman on strike and it is the final of World T20. 8 out of 10 would say that it is impossible to score 19 from the last 6 but when it’s West Indies who is playing there is always some room of


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