My Memory Safe

My Memory Safe

Reminiscing the life I have lived so far
I came across a memory chest
Some merry, some grave, some middle-of-road
All revitalizing nonetheless

I decided to build a memory safe
The one I would visit during mirthless days

I frisked the library in search of the best one
Tired I found I could pick none
A peculiar emotion attached to each
No favorites amongst the glimpses I meet

There are memories which lift  my spirit
The times you picked me up
when the road was hard to climb
But soon,
Followed by the times you left me crying

So I am building a den bigger than my heart
For all the blissful recollections
And the joyous moments to come

I will walk across this through thick and thin
And will cherish, save and keep every bit of it!!

Bhoomika Gupta

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