Film Censoring or Moral Policing?

Film Censoring or Moral Policing?

Talking about film censoring, since time immemorial (1951 is long back, right?) the Central Board of Film Certification has controlled the film content and drawn a fine line between the content to be shown and the content not to be shown on Indian screens. It has precisely been 65 years since it was formed. One statement that we would agree on is that the audience is way more progressed than what the CBFC has.

Let us start with the first issue that we as audience face every time we enter a cinema hall. Audience usually settle into their seats once that certificate shows up with the name and the great Mr Pahlaj Nihalani’s Autograph. Contrary to those times, now restrooms and food lounges are the destinations during this irresistible time of moral policing where even your parents do better.

Usually, every time a kid attends college for the first time, parents would be like ” Beta, don’t smoke. Be a good boy”. The CBFC’s campaign on this has failed miserably when it comes to conveying the message. If smoking were allowed in theaters trust me people would have let the smoke out from almost everywhere.

This in a way diminishes the audiences interest in watching a film. We all wait that our dearest hero would make his dashing entry and we end up watching an about-to-die man, who quits smoking. We’ll now see how screwed up our system is in a nutshell. “The Government sells Cigar’s with a health caution and when you are about to watch a film it continues to morally police you and multiple its production”. Either of us should resolve issues with ourselves first.

Then comes the censorship of erotic scenes. The CBFC has a right to say that this film should only be viewed by people above a certain age limit which is correct in any way. But once it is said that only adults can view a particular film, in what way can the CBFC humiliate you? Cut the kissing scenes. Beep the bad words.

The audiences have matured in such a way that they are able to absorb the emotion that is shown on screen and are able to come back to reality and still appreciate it. This is with no intention to attack the sentiments of the noble and highly qualified laureates, a kissing scene will not encourage youth to rape. IF that is your issue, CBFC please re-release Spectre.

Abijith Mednikar

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